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RAJA YOGA (the King/Raja under all Yoga systems) was designed thousands of years ago to bring man back
to his natural  state of Consciousness. Since ancient times it has been used by Yogis and Rishis for the relief and
elimination of all kinds of diseases, THE prerequisite for a healthy mind.

RAJA YOGA plays an enormous role in the preventative medicine, and one of its most important effects
is increasing the psychological and physiological capacities to resist stress, the root cause of disease.
With the practice of Raja Yoga health and well-being can be reestablished and maintained for a life in harmony.

HOME OF YOGA - Yoga Therapy Centre - offers

  • Raja Yogic therapies specifically developed for the particular needs of each patient.
  • Raja Yoga classes for individuals and small groups, from beginner to advanced level.


Arthritis - Asthma - Nasal Allergy - Back Pain - Cancer - Depression - Anxiety
Diabetes - Epilepsy - Gastro-Intestinal Disorders
Hypertension - Heart Diseases - Obesity